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Background Information

Through the Enhancing School Health Services through Training, Education, Assistance, Mentorship, and Support (TEAMS) project, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides training, resources, and technical assistance to school districts that are interested in strengthening policies, practices, and infrastructure related to school health services.  Participating districts assemble three-member teams including a district health services representative, health department partner, and physician partner.  The teams are guided through a process to:

  • Engage stakeholders and foster partnerships to support improvements in school health services;
  • Assess their current school health services policies, practices, and infrastructure;
  • Identify and prioritize key areas for improvement and develop a strategic action plan; and
  • Implement and evaluate changes.

This project assists districts in improving their school health services (often referred to as nursing services), defined as healthcare services for students that are delivered or coordinated by the school/district.  While the project does intersect with school-based health centers as well as with other components of coordinated school health and wellness initiatives, the focus is on the services provided across the district by school nurses, physicians, and other health professionals, and on the infrastructure that supports the delivery of those services.

This project is funded through a 5-year cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) School Health Branch.


Project Offerings

Participating teams gain access to the extensive resources and expertise available through the AAP and the CDC, two of the premier organizations working to improve school health at the national level.  The AAP provides a customized set of offerings for school district teams based on their needs and interests.  Training, technical assistance, and resources are tailored to each site.  The project also pays for expenses for the three members of each team to participate in an in-person training held at AAP headquarters in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  Small participation incentives are also be available to some sites.  This project provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen local partnerships and to participate in a community of other school district teams from across the country that can support each other in making school health services improvements.

Examples of project offerings include:

Online Training: Live and recorded webinars on topics such as working with health partners, stakeholder engagement, evaluation, quality improvement, and school health clinical issues

Resources: Assessment tools, planning guides, model policies, implementation guidelines, and a library of print resources

Online Community: Webinar archive, resource repository, discussion boards, and document sharing to facilitate collaboration and problem-solving with other teams

In-person Training: Two-day training and learning collaborative

Mentorship Program: Participating teams will be paired to provide peer support

Networking and Partnerships: Cross-disciplinary networking opportunities, support for coalition building, and facilitation of relationships with local and state partners

Facilitation and Technical Assistance: May include site visit, assistance creating tailored resources, targeted training on specific health service topics, coaching calls, and implementation assistance 


Participating Districts

Cohort 1

Boston Public Schools,  Massachusetts

Cedar Ridge School District, Arkansas

Chelsea Public Schools, Massachusetts

Jasper Public School District, Arkansas

Magazine School District, Arkansas

North Reading Public Schools, Massachusetts

Pangburn School District, Arkansas

Pembroke Public Schools, Massachusetts

Waltham Public Schools, Massachusetts

Worcester Public Schools, Massachusetts

Cohort 2

Champaign Community Unit School District, Illinois

Elmwood Park Community Unit School District, Illinois

Horry County School District, South Carolina

West Bonner County School District, Idaho

Moline School District, Illinois

Multnomah Education Service District, Oregon

RSU 21, Maine

Sandwich Public Schools, Massachusetts

Santa Fe Indian School, New Mexico

Cohort 3

Arlington Heights School District 25, Illinois

Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland

Daviess County Public Schools, Kentucky

Dayton Public Schools, Ohio

Detroit Public Schools, Michigan

Hudson Falls Central School District, New York

Independent School District 197, Minnesota

New London Public Schools, Connecticut

Platte County R-3 School District, Missouri

Somers School District 29, Montana

Sweetwater Union High School District, California



If you have any questions about this project, please contact Laura DeStigter, Program Manager, at 847/434-7127 or at

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